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Injured by Meridia?

Weight loss drug linked to heart attacks and strokes

Under pressure from the FDA, Abbott Laboratories has taken its prescription weight loss drug, Meridia, off the market because of increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Half the members of an FDA advisory committee studying the issue recommended withdrawal of Meridia and the other members determined that the drug should remain on the market but with stronger warnings and possible restrictions in use.

The FDA’s actions were prompted by the results of a clinical trial which showed Meridia’s use resulted in a 16% increased risk of heart attack, stroke or other major cardiac event.

Patients urged to contact their doctors

Meridia has been controversial since its approval in 1997 because it acts to raise blood pressure and heart rate. FDA officials said that people using Meridia should immediately consult with their doctors to discuss its continued use.

If you or a loved one have suffered a severe side effect as a result of taking Meridia, you may be entitled to compensation. Complete our Quick Case Review and receive a FREE case evaluation.