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  • “The Miller Firm is Nationally Recognized as the first Firm in America to go on trial against the makers of Actos”
  • “The Miller Firm Wins Its 6th Actos Trial”
  • “The Miller Firm is Nationally Recognized as the first Firm in America to go on trial against the makers of Actos – 2”


Welcome To The Miller Firm

The Miller Firm is a national practice representing individuals who have been seriously injured by pharmaceutical or other defective products. Michael Miller serves as the lead trial attorney and brings 30 years of experience to a team of dedicated attorneys.

Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Attorneys Serving You

The Miller Firm, LLC is dedicated to serving you or your family with compassion and commitment. We provide our clients with a unique combination of legal and medical qualifications to best represent your interests in matters of injury due to medical negligence, defective drugs and faulty medical devices.

Our firm consists of exceptional lawyers who specialize in medical negligence cases, a board certified physician who also holds a law degree, several registered nurses, and a team of expert paralegals.

The Miller Firm, LLC specializes in medical malpractice and product liability. Our expertise in litigation covers medical fields of cardiology, neurology, oncology, pathology, pharmacology, toxicology, accident reconstruction, surgery and others.

  • Expanding on GSK’s Illegal Actions Promoting Zofran

    The Miller Firm is continuing to take Zofran birth defect cases and working to be a leading firm in the litigation. We just wanted to layout the 2012 Department of Justice with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the ... Read more..

  • First Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuits Filed

    The Miller Firm is currently investigating Zofran birth defect cases and will be filing lawsuits shortly. We are currently watching to see what judges get assigned to the litigation. We think that the caseload ... Read more..

  • ASR Deal Expanded

    This week it was announced that the DePuy ASR global settlement will be expanded to include additional claims totaling roughly 420 million dollars. The previous global settlement announced in November 2013 had a threshold of eligibility ... Read more..

  • Miller Firm Wins Its 6th Actos Trial

    2/13/15 UPDATE

    The Miller Firm is happy to report the Philadelphia Jury today further awarded punitive damages for Mr. Kristufek for 1.3 million.  The jury found Takeda’... Read more..

  • Bloomberg Reports On Kristufek Actos Closing Arguments

    The Miller Firm is expecting a jury verdict by this afternoon as closing arguments were held yesterday.  We will be posting once we hear the result.  Bloomberg reported about the trial. Read the full ... Read more..